Mindset We Love

With 2018 coming to a close, and 2019 days away, it seems so easy to get wrapped up in the promise of 2019. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about that intoxicating allure of a big, beautiful, brand new 365.

We live in society that is all about what is next, what is the next goal, the next big accomplishment.

Before planning for an amazing 2019...try this mental exercise: What you will need: a quiet place, a piece of paper and a pen. 

Write down everything you accomplished in 2018. Look through your IG feed, or notes you wrote down, calendar, or goals for 2018. Our challenge - find something from every month that you are proud of and write it down on that piece of paper.

Have you ever noticed, we do a great job of "shoulding" on our selves (please note, it sounds pretty similar to "shitting"). “I should do this.” “I should have done that.” Blah blah blah the spiral of should. Should feels shitty.

Let's talk about what we DID. 

They don't have to be "huge" milestones.... baby step accomplishments are what lead us to those huge juicy, beautiful breakthroughs.

For me, a huge accomplishment this year happened in September. This accomplishment was a healthy, productive dialogue with an ex about why and how he hurt my feelings. When he kept reaching out over and over (and over. ..and over) and I wasn’t avoiding the conversation. In the spirit of self-improvement, I faced the music and had the conversation, one normally I would avoid.

On the surface this may not seem like a huge deal, on a personal level this was a big breakthrough. Rather than bury my feelings, and then eating or drinking my feelings :), I owned them, expressed them in a healthy manner. This one small act, has freed my energy, my heart for new love. How rad is that??

Maybe you set a healthy boundary with someone.

Maybe you tried a new workout class.

Maybe you paid off a debt. 

Maybe you started a new healthy habit.

Maybe you woke up on time for work, one time on January 15th. Hell yea!

Maybe you smiled at the super awkward neighbor.

Accomplishment, is accomplishment - no matter how small it may seem in the society of “should”….Rejoice because champion, YOU DID!

Read over the accomplishments. How do you feel? Proud, excited, inspired, relieved? Hang on to that energy and direct it to the promise of 2019.

Back to that piece of paper.

Find a place and keep it. Hang it up. When the year goes on, and you’re feeling discouraged, frustrated or any other gross feeling - read over that list.

Our last challenge —> Share with us, what is your proudest accomplishment of 2018?

Jennifer Samuel