2019 Resolutions: Keep it Fresh

We’re 3 weeks into 2019, and the momentum of the New Year Resolutions seem to start and fizzle as the weeks of the year progress.

And, sometimes, our progress as far as the number on the scale, doesn’t quite match our personal expectations. Or, you may be in the mental battle, of being bored with your workout schedule (more on this later).

A key way to keep your 2019 resolutions is finding a non-scale victory. The numbers on the scale…sometimes they are just STUCK. This does not mean all of your hard work and efforts are not making progress.

A non-scale victory could be completing a push up, or moving up in weights on a specific lift. The key is to keep track of your non-scale victory every week. And while the progress may not be earth shattering…you will see improvements.

Try this cardio workout for a spin, to measure your non scale victory over the next 4 weeks:

  • Equipment needed: a sidewalk, your favorite park or a treadmill

  • Skill levels: all

  • Time to complete: 30 minutes

  • Frequency: 1 time per week

  • To do:

    • 10 minute warm up (think - like a crock pot - low and slow warm up)

    • 10 minutes - intervals:

      • 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off (if you are outside a quick trick for this is to go to max effort on straight-away, and then rest on the loop/curve)

      • 30 seconds on: this depends on where you are level wise:

        • Beginner: walk on an incline. Every 30 seconds drop the incline and then 30 seconds increase the incline. Or walk to a slow jog. You know your body best - listen to it!

        • Mid: move from a jog to a run. For example 30 seconds at 5.0 then 30 seconds at 6.0

        • Burn baby Burn: Sprint 30 seconds, walk 30 seconds.

    • 10 minutes recovery. Again low and slow like a crock pot.

  • How do you know if you are doing this right? This workout, is affectionately called the “Zombie Apocalypse Workout”…meaning you don’t have to be the fastest but you’ve got to beat out majority of the people to survive! The goal is to make it through the entire 10 minutes of intervals and at the end - sweating, difficult to hold a conversation.

  • Every week - make note of your incline, speed. Watch your improvement!

  • This workout will TORCH calories - as long as you exert the effort like you are running away from Zombies! Out of breath, sweating and ready for that 10 minute recovery.

Back to boredom factor. The Zombie Apocalypse workout is fun and can add a fresh flavor to your current plan. However, eventually, sadly, even this workout may tire.

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Jennifer Samuel