Personal Training

Overcome your plateaus, lose body fat, or train for your next marathon.  Personal Training packages includes body analysis, training sessions, custom nutrition, and custom workouts.  We discuss your progress each session and change the phases based on your goals.

Weight Training


This training group will be an ultimate experience in taking your normal exercise routine to the next level. This group applies strength and hypertrophy training, integrated cardiorespiratory, core stabilization, neuromuscular, and strength training. Weight Training is for people that are familiar with gym equipment and some athletic training.

Fitness Classes


Metabolic Conditioning and Strength Endurance.  Ranging from 30 minutes to 45 minutes, these classes are open to up to 20 students. Not only does that make sure you’re in good company, these fitness classes help to keep you motivated and accountable for your progress.


“Thank you for keeping my body tight (filming Top Chef in Denver)” - Padma Lakshmi, celebrity & Top Chef host