Our Story

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Original Denver, 303. Founded in 2003.

Our passion is fitness. Our philosophy ? Compound Consistency.

Consistently doing the right things for our bodies, leads to compounding effects. Life changing effects.

The infusions of our workouts, are seeded from our different athletic roots.

Jen, a classically trained dancer emphasizes tiny moves, precision of execution.

Courtney, a classically trained athlete emphasizes big bold moves, with heavy weights.

Combined, this is the secret sauce of Bodies By Perseverance. Original Denver, our personal training inspire and create Denver’s strongest, healthiest and sexiest bodies.


Personal Trainers




Hometown: Denver, Colorado  @jm.bbp

My Fitness Journey: "During high school, I ate fast food and felt uncomfortable. Then one summer, I started cycling with my Dad and lost 40 pounds in one summer. I wasn't weightlifting, or following nutrition and wanted to be stronger. I started learning as much as possible on YouTube, specifically Christian Guzman. I thought - if this guy can do it, so can I! I fell in love with fitness, it became my therapy."

Training Style: "I started only doing strict body building. As I’ve evolved in my training, I shifted my training style and personal lifting style to functional training combined with body building."  Jesus combines strength, plus functional movements that engage the core and create the long, lean look (check out his Instagram for some killer stability workouts!) "It's not all about looking good...it's about being fit and your body being able to perform everyday functional movements."

Fun Fact: Jesus competed in his first men's physique competition at age 19.  He tracked his macros for 6 years (!!!!)

Favorite lift: Dead lift

Least favorite lift: Squats ("I'm too tall!" )

Cheat Meal of choice: "Sushi. All the sushi. I eat like 40 pieces of sushi"

AccreditationACE Certified

Years of experience: 6 

Contact : jesus@mybbp.com