Applied for Late Cancel/No Show, $25.  Late Cancel is two hours prior to start of class and may be done in the Mind Body system.  We understand things may happen and since we custom plan our classes, please notify us by email before start of class so you don't incur charge.  This is also as a courtesy for our trainers.  For Personal Training sessions, same policies apply for classes.  If there's a no show in personal training session, you will be charged for that session.

Membership Cancellations

There is no contract or no early cancellation fees, please contact us via email at: courtney@mybbp.com at least 5 days prior to the withdraw.

Class cancellations 

We will cancel class if there are less than three people in class.  You will receive notification about the class at least two hours before class starts.  You can view the attendance on the scheduler and contact the gym.  If this is a re occurrence, we will try to work with the instructor of next steps.


We believe in hard work and sweat, however, we ask to be courteous to others by clean attire and shoes.  It becomes distracting to the others when foul smells are lurking in a sweaty class.  Thanks in advance!