Thanksgiving Pre-Burn

It’s that time of year again! It’s time for our biggest class of the year, Thanksgiving Pre-Burn.

Designed for you, Turkeys, to get a comprehensive full body workout…before you gobble.

The class is broken into different teams, and together you work through different stations. The finale? Pushing a car from our friends at Automotive Royal. (Yes, like the vehicle!!!) The team with the furthest distance and in the best time is declared winner.

Thanksgiving Pre-Burn is for all levels, ages and stages. Sign up and get a great sweat sesh in with your family, or friendsgiving crew!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, all attendees are encouraged to bring donations, for our neighbors benefiting Metro Caring, Denver’s front line anti-hunger organization. Click here for a link of foods to donate.

Sign up in advance today, this event is one of our most popular and fills up fast!


3 Ways to Slide

Every week during weight training classes at BBP…it can feel a bit like a workout discovery…what creative version of an exercise will we experience this week ?

Keeping the workouts fresh, the trainers continue to challenge both our minds and bodies.

Exercise sliders are a fun, surprising challenge to any workout. They are super light making them a convenient option to take along for work trips, or an affordable addition for a home gym (starting at $10) .

Ways to slide on different surfaces:

  • For all floors: classic exercise slider, similar to this style from Elite Sportz , similar to what we use at BPP.

  • Carpeted surfaces: paper plates

  • Hardwood floors: small hand towels, or paper towels

Regardless of the floor….try these ways to slide. For reference check out the videos, or come in and try in class !

  • Plank: walk forward and back

  • Plank: tick-tocks

  • Single leg lateral

Ready to elevate your workout and try something new? Check out our Instagram @mybpp, or sign up here to join us, and workout with Denver’s best personal trainers.

Attitude of Abundance


Sitting in a meeting, listening to a team talk about what they didn’t have: training, resources, leadership, time, expertise, guidelines…and on and on and on.

Finally, I jumped in and said: “But look…look at everything you do have”….

Later, driving home in another stellar commute of stop and go traffic on I-25 I found myself in a repeat spin cycle…I didn’t have enough time for workouts, the right clothes, the discipline, the strength to lift that much weight…and on and on and on.

In one of those “aha” moments: I caught myself…giving the same advice to my co-workers a few hours earlier - right back to myself. Rather than focusing on what I do have…stuck in the loop of what I didn’t have.

In our health and fitness journey - it’s easy to be consumed with what we don’t have: Time. Money. Age. Skill. Support system.

Living in a society plagued with a “Keeping up with the Joneses” , it’s easy to get pulled into the negative spiral of focusing on what’s missing, what we “don’t” have.

But what do you have? Redirecting our energy to an attitude of abundance is empowering, it flips the script and changes the mental spam.

In support of the attitude of abundance, we are taking a moment to celebrate our abundant blessings:

  • Out of shape and just coming back to the gym. What you have: courage. The hardest step? The first one.

  • So sore that your muscles seem to creak when you walk? What you have: progress. Muscle soreness, while painful is part of the progress.

  • Tired and it feels like there’s no time for a workout? What you have: group training and fitness classes, one hour to max your workout and time commitments.

  • In the midst of your fitness journey? What you have: weight lifting classes with all ages, stages and ranges continue to propel your journey forward.

  • Not sure how to properly lift weights? What you have: Denver’s best trainers leading and guiding your way.

  • Bored and don’t want to think about your workouts? Completely different workouts everyday of the week.

Now, our challenge to you? Grab your phone, open up the “notes” tab - and take a moment to write down your abundant blessings.

What are your abundant blessings, champions? Share with us!

Active Recovery

Oh my quad.....Is your bod talking? 

Getting back into a workout routine or elevating your game to break into the next level...can cause the body to feel achy, breaky and all out shaky. 

Incorporating active recovery into your regular workout regimen assists the body in recovery, injury prevention as well as prepare yourself mentally for the next intense workout.

Ideally incorporating active recovery in to 1 – 2 days per week, Bodies By Perseverance is now offering Active Recovery classes dedicated to this specific style of workout.

The style class is more passive than yoga and targets increasing blood flow to your muscle and tissue. This type of class gives your body a boost to get nutrients (oxygen, amino acid) to muscles in order to repair and ultimately improve your performance overall. 

Other ways to facilitate active recovery and body are adding light cardio, like a walk or jog for 30 minutes. And, increased water consumption: our bodies, are composed of 60% water, and a key element in recovery.

Sign up here to try and active recovery class and workout with Denver’s best personal trainers.

October 2018 Challenge: Dad Bod Challenge

As we’ve settled into our new home in downtown Denver’s Five Points, we’re also settling into some new programs at the gym - including monthly challenges!

October’s Challenge? Dad Bods. Take a quick peak at Coach Courtney’s message for all of those interested in hearing about why Coach is tackling Dad Bod’s for October’s challenge.

Here’s the criteria to enter….or to enter anyone you know and love!

  • Starting October 1

  • Age 40 +

  • Dad

  • Attend 3 group sessions a week

  • Attend 1 personal training session a week

The winner, will win a $200 Grand Prize.

Ready to join the league of extraordinary gentlemen?

Contact us by emailing:, or sign up for classes online.

Not a dad but still want to join us for a workout? Contact us, for a first class free!