Food We Love

In the midst of the holiday mayhem….Whew, the battle to eat clean is REAL right now, y’all. We’ve been talking a lot about this battle to eat clean a lot lately, and there’s a reason…everywhere we turn it’s like a night out in Vegas - temptation, temptation, temptation!!

We’re sharing some of our teams tips for survival of the holidays - share with us, how do you survive temptation island of food?

  1. Eat Before You Go: Eating a meal at home before you head off to a holiday party is one of the most ideal solutions. Why? Arriving with a full tummy, of food on point with your diet, makes temptation island (yea, talking about you cookie platter!!) a little bit less tempting.

  2. Plan Before You Go: If Tuesday is going to be a 15 hour plus day between an AM workout, full day of work, and then an event after work…That’s going to take some serious fuel throughout the day. Planning out food for the day in advance is setting yourself up for success. What will you eat, and when? Pack the food the night before and let your brain coast on autopilot when it comes to meals throughout the day. And, if you should take a dabble into the temptation pool, you’ve already set yourself to jump right back on plan with the next meal.

  3. Think About It: During an average workday, I walk past a candy bowl 8 times. 8 times!!! I found myself grabbing a snack size Snicker’s merely because it was there. I made the following agreement with myself: take the Snicker’s and set it on my desk. If I still want the Snicker’s 30 minutes later, than I honor this desire. If not, I walk it back and put it back in the bowl. This was to take me out of the loop of eating because it’s there. Just because it’s there, doesn’t mean you have to eat it. While this may not work at the holiday party, thinking before consuming is the practice. Another one to try is visualizing the goal. If you are looking at some deliciously marinated meatballs and a cheese platter…visualize your goal. What will you look like in that swimsuit? When you reach the goal of a pull up. Is that the type of fuel that will help you get to that goal?

  4. Hydrate Yo Self: Living at a higher altitude like Denver, makes this one even more crucial. Studies indicate that dehydration can override your brain into thinking it’s hungry, or tired (so we instinctively reach for more food or more caffeine instead of high quality H20). Wake up in the AM and treat your body to a glass of water. Adding more water throughout the day is one of the easiest ways to support your overall health. Add something fun to it: cranberry, lemon, cucumber…whatever helps you consume more of it, do it! Think about it - our bodies are 80% water - fuel it accordingly.

  5. Treat Yo Self: Yes, you read that correctly. Treat yo self. If you’ve accomplished #2 (Plan Before You Go) - then plan to treat yo self as well. Incorporate and plan your cheat meal into holiday events.

Jennifer Samuel