Gifts We Love

The busiest shopping season is here, and looking for the ideal gift for someone in your life? Give the gift of health, and inspiration this holiday season. Or, maybe a gift for your fine beautiful self is in order! And really, is there anything more motivating than new gear? Exactly!!! In the spirit of the giving season, here’s a list of our favorite gifts:

  • Music: The original performance enhancing drug. Our go-to? Spotify Premium. Beyond the obvious benefit of no ads, we love Spotify’s “Made for you” mix up, customized Daily Mixes, and sweatspiration playlists like "Motivation Mix”.

  • Bag: the backpack that literally can carry it all: 6 Pack Bags. These super smart bags have compartments to carry meals built into their design. They come with perfectly portioned sized meal containers, laptop pocket, interior insulation and built with water resistant material.

  • BBP Gift Card: treat the fitness fan in your life with a BBP Gift Card. The card can be used for specialty classes, keeping motivation full steam. Our newest specialty class, CORE ASSets is a class to strengthen the core and glutes. This custom designed class by Jennifer Samuel, incorporates her ballerina, athletic, dance and weight training knowledge into one bootayful class. Bonus - for a limited time, our gift cards are on a sweet deal: $100 Gift Card, for $80!

  • Stocking Stuffer: liquid hand chalk, starting at $11.99, this handy-dandy chalk gives you all the benefits of hand chalk, without all the mess. Similar in texture to hand sanitizer, applying a dime size amount, and 15 seconds later? Viola! Chalk. Without all the mess.

Interested in learning more about BBP specialty classes, or securing a gift card? Contact us today.

Jennifer Samuel