Attitude of Abundance


Sitting in a meeting, listening to a team talk about what they didn’t have: training, resources, leadership, time, expertise, guidelines…and on and on and on.

Finally, I jumped in and said: “But look…look at everything you do have”….

Later, driving home in another stellar commute of stop and go traffic on I-25 I found myself in a repeat spin cycle…I didn’t have enough time for workouts, the right clothes, the discipline, the strength to lift that much weight…and on and on and on.

In one of those “aha” moments: I caught myself…giving the same advice to my co-workers a few hours earlier - right back to myself. Rather than focusing on what I do have…stuck in the loop of what I didn’t have.

In our health and fitness journey - it’s easy to be consumed with what we don’t have: Time. Money. Age. Skill. Support system.

Living in a society plagued with a “Keeping up with the Joneses” , it’s easy to get pulled into the negative spiral of focusing on what’s missing, what we “don’t” have.

But what do you have? Redirecting our energy to an attitude of abundance is empowering, it flips the script and changes the mental spam.

In support of the attitude of abundance, we are taking a moment to celebrate our abundant blessings:

  • Out of shape and just coming back to the gym. What you have: courage. The hardest step? The first one.

  • So sore that your muscles seem to creak when you walk? What you have: progress. Muscle soreness, while painful is part of the progress.

  • Tired and it feels like there’s no time for a workout? What you have: group training and fitness classes, one hour to max your workout and time commitments.

  • In the midst of your fitness journey? What you have: weight lifting classes with all ages, stages and ranges continue to propel your journey forward.

  • Not sure how to properly lift weights? What you have: Denver’s best trainers leading and guiding your way.

  • Bored and don’t want to think about your workouts? Completely different workouts everyday of the week.

Now, our challenge to you? Grab your phone, open up the “notes” tab - and take a moment to write down your abundant blessings.

What are your abundant blessings, champions? Share with us!

Jennifer SamuelComment