3 Ways to Slide

Every week during weight training classes at BBP…it can feel a bit like a workout discovery…what creative version of an exercise will we experience this week ?

Keeping the workouts fresh, the trainers continue to challenge both our minds and bodies.

Exercise sliders are a fun, surprising challenge to any workout. They are super light making them a convenient option to take along for work trips, or an affordable addition for a home gym (starting at $10) .

Ways to slide on different surfaces:

  • For all floors: classic exercise slider, similar to this style from Elite Sportz , similar to what we use at BPP.

  • Carpeted surfaces: paper plates

  • Hardwood floors: small hand towels, or paper towels

Regardless of the floor….try these ways to slide. For reference check out the videos, or come in and try in class !

  • Plank: walk forward and back

  • Plank: tick-tocks

  • Single leg lateral

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Jennifer Samuel