Active Recovery

Oh my quad.....Is your bod talking? 

Getting back into a workout routine or elevating your game to break into the next level...can cause the body to feel achy, breaky and all out shaky. 

Incorporating active recovery into your regular workout regimen assists the body in recovery, injury prevention as well as prepare yourself mentally for the next intense workout.

Ideally incorporating active recovery in to 1 – 2 days per week, Bodies By Perseverance is now offering Active Recovery classes dedicated to this specific style of workout.

The style class is more passive than yoga and targets increasing blood flow to your muscle and tissue. This type of class gives your body a boost to get nutrients (oxygen, amino acid) to muscles in order to repair and ultimately improve your performance overall. 

Other ways to facilitate active recovery and body are adding light cardio, like a walk or jog for 30 minutes. And, increased water consumption: our bodies, are composed of 60% water, and a key element in recovery.

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