New Class Alert: Ski Conditioning & Mobility

Are you ready to have your best winter sports season ever? The snow, is already at record levels, and the season is shaping up to look like one for the history books.

Jumping into your favorite winter activity from skiing, snowboarding, cross country or snowshoeing, requires the body to activate muscles that have been dormant for the past 6 months.

Similar to getting your board or skis tuned, making sure to tune your body for the different movements is critical for an enjoyable winter sports season, plus aide in lowering chance for injury.

One to try at home: Pistol Squats. The only equipment needed is a chair. To start, sit down in a chair, shoulders back and activated. Keep your right foot firmly placed, and extend your left foot out, parallel. Activating the right glute and quad, stand with your left leg extended, ideally without using your arms. Then sit. Change legs and repeat.

Looking for even more? BBP is adding a 4 week class dedicated to prepping your body for this epic season. Workouts will be targeted at key muscle movements for winter sports season: unilateral strength training, balance, mobility and agility conditioning. Take a look at what these different movements look like by watching now.

Class starts Saturday December 1, space is limited contact us now to sign up, and get ready for the best winter season yet!

Jennifer Samuel