2019 Resolutions: Keep it Fresh

We’re 3 weeks into 2019, and the momentum of the New Year Resolutions seem to start and fizzle as the weeks of the year progress.

And, sometimes, our progress as far as the number on the scale, doesn’t quite match our personal expectations. Or, you may be in the mental battle, of being bored with your workout schedule (more on this later).

A key way to keep your 2019 resolutions is finding a non-scale victory. The numbers on the scale…sometimes they are just STUCK. This does not mean all of your hard work and efforts are not making progress.

A non-scale victory could be completing a push up, or moving up in weights on a specific lift. The key is to keep track of your non-scale victory every week. And while the progress may not be earth shattering…you will see improvements.

Try this cardio workout for a spin, to measure your non scale victory over the next 4 weeks:

  • Equipment needed: a sidewalk, your favorite park or a treadmill

  • Skill levels: all

  • Time to complete: 30 minutes

  • Frequency: 1 time per week

  • To do:

    • 10 minute warm up (think - like a crock pot - low and slow warm up)

    • 10 minutes - intervals:

      • 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off (if you are outside a quick trick for this is to go to max effort on straight-away, and then rest on the loop/curve)

      • 30 seconds on: this depends on where you are level wise:

        • Beginner: walk on an incline. Every 30 seconds drop the incline and then 30 seconds increase the incline. Or walk to a slow jog. You know your body best - listen to it!

        • Mid: move from a jog to a run. For example 30 seconds at 5.0 then 30 seconds at 6.0

        • Burn baby Burn: Sprint 30 seconds, walk 30 seconds.

    • 10 minutes recovery. Again low and slow like a crock pot.

  • How do you know if you are doing this right? This workout, is affectionately called the “Zombie Apocalypse Workout”…meaning you don’t have to be the fastest but you’ve got to beat out majority of the people to survive! The goal is to make it through the entire 10 minutes of intervals and at the end - sweating, difficult to hold a conversation.

  • Every week - make note of your incline, speed. Watch your improvement!

  • This workout will TORCH calories - as long as you exert the effort like you are running away from Zombies! Out of breath, sweating and ready for that 10 minute recovery.

Back to boredom factor. The Zombie Apocalypse workout is fun and can add a fresh flavor to your current plan. However, eventually, sadly, even this workout may tire.

Have you checked out BBP boxing classes yet? Our most popular classes (evidently something about punching our stress makes them popular :) ) they are high energy, constantly changing. Guaranteed - the most fun 45 minutes of cardio. And, while we may be a bit one sided in our opinion, they definitely will keep you and your 2019 Resolution Momentum rolling.

Not a member yet? Check out one class for free here!

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Mindset We Love

With 2018 coming to a close, and 2019 days away, it seems so easy to get wrapped up in the promise of 2019. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about that intoxicating allure of a big, beautiful, brand new 365.

We live in society that is all about what is next, what is the next goal, the next big accomplishment.

Before planning for an amazing 2019...try this mental exercise: What you will need: a quiet place, a piece of paper and a pen. 

Write down everything you accomplished in 2018. Look through your IG feed, or notes you wrote down, calendar, or goals for 2018. Our challenge - find something from every month that you are proud of and write it down on that piece of paper.

Have you ever noticed, we do a great job of "shoulding" on our selves (please note, it sounds pretty similar to "shitting"). “I should do this.” “I should have done that.” Blah blah blah the spiral of should. Should feels shitty.

Let's talk about what we DID. 

They don't have to be "huge" milestones.... baby step accomplishments are what lead us to those huge juicy, beautiful breakthroughs.

For me, a huge accomplishment this year happened in September. This accomplishment was a healthy, productive dialogue with an ex about why and how he hurt my feelings. When he kept reaching out over and over (and over. ..and over) and I wasn’t avoiding the conversation. In the spirit of self-improvement, I faced the music and had the conversation, one normally I would avoid.

On the surface this may not seem like a huge deal, on a personal level this was a big breakthrough. Rather than bury my feelings, and then eating or drinking my feelings :), I owned them, expressed them in a healthy manner. This one small act, has freed my energy, my heart for new love. How rad is that??

Maybe you set a healthy boundary with someone.

Maybe you tried a new workout class.

Maybe you paid off a debt. 

Maybe you started a new healthy habit.

Maybe you woke up on time for work, one time on January 15th. Hell yea!

Maybe you smiled at the super awkward neighbor.

Accomplishment, is accomplishment - no matter how small it may seem in the society of “should”….Rejoice because champion, YOU DID!

Read over the accomplishments. How do you feel? Proud, excited, inspired, relieved? Hang on to that energy and direct it to the promise of 2019.

Back to that piece of paper.

Find a place and keep it. Hang it up. When the year goes on, and you’re feeling discouraged, frustrated or any other gross feeling - read over that list.

Our last challenge —> Share with us, what is your proudest accomplishment of 2018?

Food We Love

In the midst of the holiday mayhem….Whew, the battle to eat clean is REAL right now, y’all. We’ve been talking a lot about this battle to eat clean a lot lately, and there’s a reason…everywhere we turn it’s like a night out in Vegas - temptation, temptation, temptation!!

We’re sharing some of our teams tips for survival of the holidays - share with us, how do you survive temptation island of food?

  1. Eat Before You Go: Eating a meal at home before you head off to a holiday party is one of the most ideal solutions. Why? Arriving with a full tummy, of food on point with your diet, makes temptation island (yea, talking about you cookie platter!!) a little bit less tempting.

  2. Plan Before You Go: If Tuesday is going to be a 15 hour plus day between an AM workout, full day of work, and then an event after work…That’s going to take some serious fuel throughout the day. Planning out food for the day in advance is setting yourself up for success. What will you eat, and when? Pack the food the night before and let your brain coast on autopilot when it comes to meals throughout the day. And, if you should take a dabble into the temptation pool, you’ve already set yourself to jump right back on plan with the next meal.

  3. Think About It: During an average workday, I walk past a candy bowl 8 times. 8 times!!! I found myself grabbing a snack size Snicker’s merely because it was there. I made the following agreement with myself: take the Snicker’s and set it on my desk. If I still want the Snicker’s 30 minutes later, than I honor this desire. If not, I walk it back and put it back in the bowl. This was to take me out of the loop of eating because it’s there. Just because it’s there, doesn’t mean you have to eat it. While this may not work at the holiday party, thinking before consuming is the practice. Another one to try is visualizing the goal. If you are looking at some deliciously marinated meatballs and a cheese platter…visualize your goal. What will you look like in that swimsuit? When you reach the goal of a pull up. Is that the type of fuel that will help you get to that goal?

  4. Hydrate Yo Self: Living at a higher altitude like Denver, makes this one even more crucial. Studies indicate that dehydration can override your brain into thinking it’s hungry, or tired (so we instinctively reach for more food or more caffeine instead of high quality H20). Wake up in the AM and treat your body to a glass of water. Adding more water throughout the day is one of the easiest ways to support your overall health. Add something fun to it: cranberry, lemon, cucumber…whatever helps you consume more of it, do it! Think about it - our bodies are 80% water - fuel it accordingly.

  5. Treat Yo Self: Yes, you read that correctly. Treat yo self. If you’ve accomplished #2 (Plan Before You Go) - then plan to treat yo self as well. Incorporate and plan your cheat meal into holiday events.

Gifts We Love

The busiest shopping season is here, and looking for the ideal gift for someone in your life? Give the gift of health, and inspiration this holiday season. Or, maybe a gift for your fine beautiful self is in order! And really, is there anything more motivating than new gear? Exactly!!! In the spirit of the giving season, here’s a list of our favorite gifts:

  • Music: The original performance enhancing drug. Our go-to? Spotify Premium. Beyond the obvious benefit of no ads, we love Spotify’s “Made for you” mix up, customized Daily Mixes, and sweatspiration playlists like "Motivation Mix”.

  • Bag: the backpack that literally can carry it all: 6 Pack Bags. These super smart bags have compartments to carry meals built into their design. They come with perfectly portioned sized meal containers, laptop pocket, interior insulation and built with water resistant material.

  • BBP Gift Card: treat the fitness fan in your life with a BBP Gift Card. The card can be used for specialty classes, keeping motivation full steam. Our newest specialty class, CORE ASSets is a class to strengthen the core and glutes. This custom designed class by Jennifer Samuel, incorporates her ballerina, athletic, dance and weight training knowledge into one bootayful class. Bonus - for a limited time, our gift cards are on a sweet deal: $100 Gift Card, for $80!

  • Stocking Stuffer: liquid hand chalk, starting at $11.99, this handy-dandy chalk gives you all the benefits of hand chalk, without all the mess. Similar in texture to hand sanitizer, applying a dime size amount, and 15 seconds later? Viola! Chalk. Without all the mess.

Interested in learning more about BBP specialty classes, or securing a gift card? Contact us today.

Gear We Love

There’s literally thousands of different gyms, different styles of training, different coaching philosophy….there is one universally accepted truth:

You can’t out train a bad diet.

While lifting and cardio will improve your mental and physical health there is a point where the body will plateau. This plateau point varies body by body, person by person.


We are entering the hardest 5 weeks of food for the entire year. Holiday party. Holiday cookies at the office. Cookie exchanges. In-Laws. Adult beverages. Snow day. Reese’s Christmas Trees.

In the season of what can be defined by excess, tracking what you are eating is a key survival strategy for dominating the holiday season while maintaining your path to health and fitness.

**Sigh** this is the internal dialogue portion where your internal voice sounds like a 2 year old fighting going to sleep at night: “Food diary….uuuugh”.

Anything to help our health and fitness journey - it’s our jam. There’s no better time to start a new habit and we challenge you, champions, to check out MyFitness Pal and join us in tracking our food throughout the holiday season.

Why we love MyFitness Pal available for Android and iOs:

  • Because you always have your cell phone with you - use those moments where you are waiting in line at Target to log your food diary instead of creeping on social media

  • It’s Free

  • 6 Million foods in the databases

  • You scan food bar codes and it pulls the item in directly for you

  • Customized favorites: after you’ve logged food it’s super handy to add it in for the day

  • Track calories, macros

Now that we’ve taken the obstacles of time and convenience away for tracking your food on MyFitness Pal, let’s talk about why on earth to track your food, removing the obvious (so you know how many calories you’ve consumed, etc, etc).

Why track your food?

  • Do you feel tired at certain times of the day?

  • Do you wake up at certain times every night?

  • Do you notice swings in your mood and can’t identify why?

  • Feel swollen?

  • Crave certain foods?

  • Feel guilty after enjoying a treat?

The list goes on and on and on. While we normally get stuck on the “how many calories” portion of tracking food the benefits are so so so much greater than this. Everyone’s body is unique and reacts to different stimulus (food in this case) differently. As we are all unique, what works best for one person more than likely will not work the same for another person in pursuing health and fitness goals.

Recently, ramping up for the season of excess, I felt off and began to track my food again. One, the mental spam was out of control and I needed a sanity check. Second my brain felt fuzzy. After tracking for one week, it was clear to me the issue: Sunday. On Sunday’s I was consistently off on calories. And not by like 50. I was under consuming anywhere from 300 - 500 calories. By Tuesday, I was a tyrant, starving. And Wednesday, eating everything and anything in vicinity.

Logging food is a way to reflect upon what was consumed, trends and also what is working (as well as not working) for your food. You may be surprised what you learn.

Looking for diet and nutrition guidance? Contact us and learn from Denver’s best personal trainers and fitness experts.

New Class Alert: Ski Conditioning & Mobility

Are you ready to have your best winter sports season ever? The snow, is already at record levels, and the season is shaping up to look like one for the history books.

Jumping into your favorite winter activity from skiing, snowboarding, cross country or snowshoeing, requires the body to activate muscles that have been dormant for the past 6 months.

Similar to getting your board or skis tuned, making sure to tune your body for the different movements is critical for an enjoyable winter sports season, plus aide in lowering chance for injury.

One to try at home: Pistol Squats. The only equipment needed is a chair. To start, sit down in a chair, shoulders back and activated. Keep your right foot firmly placed, and extend your left foot out, parallel. Activating the right glute and quad, stand with your left leg extended, ideally without using your arms. Then sit. Change legs and repeat.

Looking for even more? BBP is adding a 4 week class dedicated to prepping your body for this epic season. Workouts will be targeted at key muscle movements for winter sports season: unilateral strength training, balance, mobility and agility conditioning. Take a look at what these different movements look like by watching now.

Class starts Saturday December 1, space is limited contact us now to sign up, and get ready for the best winter season yet!

Thanksgiving Pre-Burn

It’s that time of year again! It’s time for our biggest class of the year, Thanksgiving Pre-Burn.

Designed for you, Turkeys, to get a comprehensive full body workout…before you gobble.

The class is broken into different teams, and together you work through different stations. The finale? Pushing a car from our friends at Automotive Royal. (Yes, like the vehicle!!!) The team with the furthest distance and in the best time is declared winner.

Thanksgiving Pre-Burn is for all levels, ages and stages. Sign up and get a great sweat sesh in with your family, or friendsgiving crew!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, all attendees are encouraged to bring donations, for our neighbors benefiting Metro Caring, Denver’s front line anti-hunger organization. Click here for a link of foods to donate.

Sign up in advance today, this event is one of our most popular and fills up fast!


3 Ways to Slide

Every week during weight training classes at BBP…it can feel a bit like a workout discovery…what creative version of an exercise will we experience this week ?

Keeping the workouts fresh, the trainers continue to challenge both our minds and bodies.

Exercise sliders are a fun, surprising challenge to any workout. They are super light making them a convenient option to take along for work trips, or an affordable addition for a home gym (starting at $10) .

Ways to slide on different surfaces:

  • For all floors: classic exercise slider, similar to this style from Elite Sportz , similar to what we use at BPP.

  • Carpeted surfaces: paper plates

  • Hardwood floors: small hand towels, or paper towels

Regardless of the floor….try these ways to slide. For reference check out the videos, or come in and try in class !

  • Plank: walk forward and back

  • Plank: tick-tocks

  • Single leg lateral

Ready to elevate your workout and try something new? Check out our Instagram @mybpp, or sign up here to join us, and workout with Denver’s best personal trainers.

Attitude of Abundance


Sitting in a meeting, listening to a team talk about what they didn’t have: training, resources, leadership, time, expertise, guidelines…and on and on and on.

Finally, I jumped in and said: “But look…look at everything you do have”….

Later, driving home in another stellar commute of stop and go traffic on I-25 I found myself in a repeat spin cycle…I didn’t have enough time for workouts, the right clothes, the discipline, the strength to lift that much weight…and on and on and on.

In one of those “aha” moments: I caught myself…giving the same advice to my co-workers a few hours earlier - right back to myself. Rather than focusing on what I do have…stuck in the loop of what I didn’t have.

In our health and fitness journey - it’s easy to be consumed with what we don’t have: Time. Money. Age. Skill. Support system.

Living in a society plagued with a “Keeping up with the Joneses” , it’s easy to get pulled into the negative spiral of focusing on what’s missing, what we “don’t” have.

But what do you have? Redirecting our energy to an attitude of abundance is empowering, it flips the script and changes the mental spam.

In support of the attitude of abundance, we are taking a moment to celebrate our abundant blessings:

  • Out of shape and just coming back to the gym. What you have: courage. The hardest step? The first one.

  • So sore that your muscles seem to creak when you walk? What you have: progress. Muscle soreness, while painful is part of the progress.

  • Tired and it feels like there’s no time for a workout? What you have: group training and fitness classes, one hour to max your workout and time commitments.

  • In the midst of your fitness journey? What you have: weight lifting classes with all ages, stages and ranges continue to propel your journey forward.

  • Not sure how to properly lift weights? What you have: Denver’s best trainers leading and guiding your way.

  • Bored and don’t want to think about your workouts? Completely different workouts everyday of the week.

Now, our challenge to you? Grab your phone, open up the “notes” tab - and take a moment to write down your abundant blessings.

What are your abundant blessings, champions? Share with us!

Active Recovery

Oh my quad.....Is your bod talking? 

Getting back into a workout routine or elevating your game to break into the next level...can cause the body to feel achy, breaky and all out shaky. 

Incorporating active recovery into your regular workout regimen assists the body in recovery, injury prevention as well as prepare yourself mentally for the next intense workout.

Ideally incorporating active recovery in to 1 – 2 days per week, Bodies By Perseverance is now offering Active Recovery classes dedicated to this specific style of workout.

The style class is more passive than yoga and targets increasing blood flow to your muscle and tissue. This type of class gives your body a boost to get nutrients (oxygen, amino acid) to muscles in order to repair and ultimately improve your performance overall. 

Other ways to facilitate active recovery and body are adding light cardio, like a walk or jog for 30 minutes. And, increased water consumption: our bodies, are composed of 60% water, and a key element in recovery.

Sign up here to try and active recovery class and workout with Denver’s best personal trainers.