Bodies By Perseverance
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Bodies By Perseverance
Denver's best personal training and weight training


Agility, speed, presence. Our boxing conditioning classes teach proper form and technique to improve boxing skills. Regardless of experience, skill level, our boxing classes will push you mentally and physically to the next level!

Tried the boxing conditioning class for the first time. We were warmly welcomed by Courtney who had so much positive energy and led a great class. He was able to manage a class full of experts and beginners like myself!

Personal Training

For people that have specific goals and needs, for athletes that want to work on their performance, or for an ultimate transformation, personal training is the way to go. The package includes training sessions, custom nutrition, and workouts, you will be held you accountable!

All personal training packages include access to group weight training sessions, unlimited fitness classes, custom nutrition/workouts, body analysis and goal-setting.

Group Training

New to weight lifting, or wanting to keep your workout routine fresh? Our group weight training are ultimate experience in taking your normal exercise routine to the next level.

Classes vary daily, and we rotate through muscle groups. Weight Training is for people that are familiar with gym equipment and some athletic training.


Virtual Nutrition

Offering custom nutrition plan, but need a coach to check-in? This hands-off approach is great for the traveler or need this component for their routine. Based on body analysis, you will receive a flexible and macro plan that changes through three phases. You will get to correspond with a trainer via email or phone to discuss each week. See the many transformations that have been successful here, and be able to still eat the foods you enjoy!