BBP Kids Sports Training

For Elite Athletes Currently in Elementary and Middle School

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The BBP Kids Summer Camp will be SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness) Training and Boxing (ages 6-12): This program will foster your child’s interest in sports and fitness while designed to help your child improve their strength, speed, agility, balance and coordination. Most importantly we want to improve their self-confidence, learn focus, teamwork, respect and discipline in all sports. Trainings are setup in a group/team setting, in an age appropriate fashion.  Different weeks there will be:
  • Speed, agility, and quickness training
  • Strength, plyometric and core training
  • Footwork basics and fundamentals
  • Boxing fundamentals

Location TBD in March.  If you are interested, contact Jennifer jennifer@mybbp.com for registration and more information.

The BBP Kids Sports Training Program is for all ages and skill level. These 60-minute sessions combine speed, power, plyometric, agility, and balance training. Clients see increases in strength, speed, and agility and develop a passion for training that is unparalleled for elite athletes.

Utilizing a Combination of Training Methods





balance training

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