Can hamstrings get shorter?

25 Jul 2013, Posted by Heather Lorince in Uncategorized

Finally…Courtney is starting to show some real definition and muscle tone in those arms of his!

I’m approaching my 3rd week with BBP…and I’m feeling pretty amazing. Amazing meaning my hamstrings feel 5 inches shorter today, my biceps and triceps hurt to look at, I’ve given up brushing my hair because I can’t lift my arms over my head, and my teeth hurt.

Every workout I’m certain I’m dying on the inside…and then it’s over, and I walk out on to 17th street feeling like a badass. I’ll call it a strut rather than a limp…I’m certain it’s a limp due to the amount of lunges and squats I’ve done in the past 2 weeks…but no one needs to know that. I feel so confident right now. My shorts are shorter and my smile is bigger. There is nothing better than feeling good in your skin!

People are noticing my arms…that has NEVER happened before. I’ve blamed genetics for my lack of muscle tone in certain areas for 20 years…my parents are skinny people-we just don’t have the makeup to build a ton of muscle.  Ummmm…false.  I just wasn’t working these muscles like I should. Ok…I wasn’t working these muscles at all.

I feel like I’m starting to see the light…starting to see changes…starting to really dig this body I’m living in…and starting to understand how much work it takes to look and feel great.

Kudos Jen and Courtney…teaching an ol’ dog new tricks isn’t easy, but you’re doin’ it, doin’ it, and doin’ it well! 😉

  • Mandi

    You’re a stud Heather! LOVE this post! Too funny! I love working out with you and suffering together. Us tall people gotta stay together….as we hover over the small spit fires down below. Jenn being the lead spit fire. BBP gets addicting, fast! You may find yourself sleeping there…I have done it once. Not kidding. Glad to see you’ve drank some of the Koolaid….and by Koolaid…I mean some pre-workout fat burner thing.