Pricing and Policies


We aim to provide packages and pricing options that suit most clients though if you prefer another option that you don’t see below–just ask! We’re happy to work with you to customize a package that works best for your individual needs.

Elite Personal Training Package


Group Training Unlimited

Group Training 8x/mo

Group Training 4x/mo

Fitness Membership

(Basic/Denver Residential/

Price Per Month $650 $199 $150 $90 $75/$55/$45
Personal Training Sessions 8x/month
Group Training Sessions Unlimited Unlimited 8x/month  4x/month
Fitness Class, Boxing & Open Gym Membership Unlimited Unlimited +$45/mo Unlimited upgrade +$45/mo Unlimited upgrade Unlimited
Nutrition and supplement plan Custom macro-flex nutrition, phases, and advice

**All memberships have a one-time suspension with a valid reason or note etc for 3 months.  More time or another suspension on membership will result in a hold fee.



We must have three or more people to conduct class.  If there are less than 3 people and 2 hours before class, we will cancel and notify via email.  If there are less than 3 at the start of class, it’s at the discretion of the instructor to conduct class or the instructor can show students the workout to do on their own.  If there is consistent cancellation, we will review class.


We recommend signing-up in advance for classes and ask that you please remember to cancel.  You may sign-up 15 minutes before class starts and cancel 2 hour prior to the class.  Early Morning Classes (500/600a), you must cancel 10 hours prior to class.  If you are a late cancel or no-show, you will be charged a late cancel/no-show rate of $8.  Contacting us via email before class starts will suffice.


Please try to arrive on time and do not enter a class more than 10 minutes late after it has started (it’s inconsiderate to everyone). Unless you have contacted the gym that you will be late, your spot will be given to a student eager to take class. We understand things happen and you should call/email to let us know if you cannot make it.


All punch cards expired 3-months after purchase date.  No holds, exchanges or refunds.