Meet a BBP super trainer: Robert Xavier O’Leary

30 Dec 2016, Posted by Anne Fellini in Group Training

img_5693Everyone at Bodies By Perseverance works hard to make sure our members reach their goals by supporting them with a variety of personal training, group training, and classes. When our members have everything they need to be successful in their health and fitness goals, we’ve succeeded! We are proud of our team and are happy to share more about them with you.

Meet Robert Xavier O’Leary… one of BBP’s excellent trainers! Robert is 32 years old and is a Patient Representative for an HMO by day and online fitness and nutrition coach by night and weekend. Currently, Rob teaches our Thursday Functional and Abs training class at 5:30 p.m.

What’s your favorite way to train?
I enjoy several ways of training. I can’t really pick one. Ultimately what matters, regardless of modality, is the intensity and the intention of the exercise.

What do you enjoy most about training other people?
I enjoy helping people achieve new bests. Whether its strength, aesthetic, athletic performance, or metabolic enhancement, helping others reach a better version of themselves is exhilarating.

How did you get started at BBP?
I got started with BBP as a sponsored athlete by a supplement company that they were affiliated with at the time. I started physique competitions with Courtney Samuel as my Coach and wound up loving the gym so much that I became one of it’s staff.

What do you bring to your classes?img_6002
I bring a gamut of personal experience across several forms of training formats and intentions (marathons, triathlons
, adventure races, various sports, body building, fat loss, muscle development, etc.), as well as over a decade of independent study in fitness, nutrition, and supplementation.

What’s your health and fitness philosophy?
One way of fitness and nutrition will always work for somebody, but it will never work for everybody. We are all each snowflakes defined by our genetics, lifestyles, and dispositions, and we should always be seeking and experimenting to find what is optimal for each of our individual body, mind, and spirit.

If someone is on the fence about starting at BBP, what’s your advice?img_3109
As I mentioned before, there’s no one right way for everyone, but this gym offers multiple instructors with a broad range of styles of training and class options. Though each of us tries to make every experience at BBP and enjoyable and beneficial as possible, if one instructor’s approach is not particularly to your liking, there is bound to be one that will help you achieve a better version of self between our several decades worth of experience.

What is your health and fitness goal for 2017?
My goal in 2017 is to keep growing my knowledge base in the world of fitness and nutrition to better offer instruction and advice to my attendees and personal clients, as well as to bring improvement to my own life holistically.

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