Meet a BBP Super Trainer: Tawanna French

15 Mar 2017, Posted by Anne Fellini in Group Training
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Everyone at Bodies By Perseverance works hard to make sure our members reach their goals by supporting them with a variety of personal training, group training, and classes. When our members have everything they need to be successful in their health and fitness goals, we’ve succeeded! We are proud of our team and are happy to share more about them with you.

tawanna_frenchMeet Tawanna French… one of BBP’s excellent trainers! Tawanna is 38 years old and is a Social Worker in Child Protection. She has a Masters Degree in Social Work from from the University of North Carolina with North Carolina A&T and got her Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of Colorado in Boulder. She also has the NASM personal training certification, Bestrode Athletics certifications in kickboxing, strength and functional training,  and is pursuing AFAA group training certification and NASM – nutrition certification. WHEW! In addition to all of that, she has two beautiful children, a daughter name Kori-Kanani  who is 11 and a son, Terrence who is 3.

Currently, Tawanna teaches our Friday Functional Training and Abs class at 12:30 p.m.

What’s your favorite way to train?
I love a variety ways of training! Hybrid training – I am open to trying new things! Keeping my body guessing, I like a combination of cardio and weightlifting.

What do you love most about training other people?
I love helping people see that their body is a machine that needs to be trained physically, mentally, and spiritually. Mary Kay Ash said “when you encounter others, pretend they all have a sign around their neck that says ‘make me feel important’,” so I’m always hoping that others feel empowered to do more and be more after they leave my class!

How did you get started at BBP?
Jennifer introduced me to BBP back in 2005! I started taking classes with her after I had surgery on my knee and during the rehab phase I added personal training to help rehab my knee!Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 8.43.05 PM

What do you bring to your classes?
What I bring to my classes is functional workouts that include strength and stamina. I like exercises that challenge participants to grow tough physically and mentally and to persist with strength and cardio. When participants think they have nothing left in them, I throw a curve ball and ask for more reps – never give up and always strive for more.

What’s your health and fitness philosophy?

* You must have a goal and understand that it takes discipline and dedication.
* You must be patient with your body and understand that progress does not happen overnight.
* You must fuel your body with the proper nutrition – it takes time to understand how your body responds to certain foods and fueling it with what is best for you!
* Never compare yourself to the next person and train for you!
* Treat your body well, it’s the only place you have to live!

If someone is on the fence about starting at BBP, what’s your advice?
Come in and check out all the different classes offered… once, you check it out you will be hooked! BBP members are awesome and supportive.

What is your health and fitness goal for 2017?
In the year 2017, my plan is to complete the MS150 – (150mile bike ride) and a triathlon.

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